Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Way to suck offense

Dear Yankees,

Cliff Lee is not THAT good. Not shutout-complete game-in-the-world-series good. (Well, I assume complete game, it's not over yet). He is not as magnificent as the loser duo of McCarver & Buck are salivating over. Wow, he made two nonchalant plays, that's great. I'm sure no pitcher has done that before. Your weak hacks at him were more than disappointing. Your standing there and seeing 3 pitches didn't help either. Suffice it to say, the 50,000+ fans at the stadium tonight probably want their money back. CC did a phenomenal job despite a shaky start. He gave up 2 runs. TWO! And you couldn't even get a runner to 3rd. If you don't break out tomorrow, you're going to have a bunch of angry fans. So please note that you should WORK THE COUNT, ADVANCE RUNNERS WHEN THEY'RE ON BASE, and in general DON'T SUCK. You can't count on the pitcher ALL the time, like the ALCS. CC isn't going to be downright unhittable every game he pitches. Oh and Phil Hughes, please stop sucking, thanks!

a very upset fan

Monday, October 26, 2009


The Yankees are baaaaack! Back in the World Series, that is. First time since 2003. I am beyond excited for this team. Surprisingly I was very calm in last night's game -- pissed at first that the Yankees forgot how to hit with RISP, but happy once they took the lead. My stomach wasn't in knots like it was in other games. Maybe it's because I've been lacking sleep all weekend. Anyway, what a great series! For once the Yankees beat the Angels. CC got the MVP award. I thought ARod deserved it, but whatever they were both amazing in the series.

Up next is the defending World Champ Phillies. Their fans are really annoying, it's going to be tough listening to the crowd in game 3, 4 & maybe 5. The teams are also both similar -- power hitting, good pitching, hitter-friendly parks. It will be another good series though. I'm so ready for it to start tomorrow (only because I have a psych exam tonight and the Wild game is on national tv). Let's do this Yanks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Playoffs? Check. AL East? Check

I guess the Yankees decided to take my letter seriously :) Everything I asked of them, they did! Including Joba having a great start against the Red Sox. We just won't remember the fact that he sucked last night against the Royals of all teams. In one game the Yankees a) got 100 wins b) clinched the AL East c) tied up the season series against the Red Sox. BTW, the Red Sox are the only team to win the first eight games of a season series and lose the series. HAHHH. I was happy they swept the Red Sox because then I got to see them celebrate on tv :) On ESPN, nevertheless. And the Red Sox are now reeling going into the postseason - they have lost six straight matching their season high. And sucks for them that they clinched a playoff spot because the Rangers lost. (Ok the Yanks clinched because the Rangers lost but they at least won their game that night).

So the final series of the season is against the Rays. The only thing the Yanks are concerned with is a) having CC win 20 games (ok it's not necessary but it would be really nice) b) making sure Robertson is ok to pitch in the postseason and at least for me c) making their record even more gaudy :) OH and d) figuring out who the heck they're gonna play in the ALDS. The Twins, sadly, only split the series against Detroit :( So now they have to sweep the Royals and hope the Tigers get swept by the Chisox. The Twins ARE playing the Royals, but they're also facing Greinke who they lost to just a week ago. GOOO TWINS!

The Postseason begins on Oct 7th for the Yanks (assuming they choose the first series, which they prob will so they can skip Joba's start). CC is taking the mound for the important first game of the series which will be in the Bronx. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!